Hello, February!


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Wow. So it’s February. Yikes. That went quick.

Gosh, I took a bit of a hiatus there for the month of January! I now understand why, when one takes a blog class, the teacher recommends not sharing your site with anyone until you have at least three months of content! In full disclosure, my heart took a bit of a beating over Christmas…and New Year’s…and actually well into January. I just didn’t feel up to writing or toying around with this site…or doing anything that didn’t involve work, sleep or Bravo! However, after several days (and nights) in bed, way too much reality television, a week of babysitting (er, dog sitting) the two most endearing geriatric pugs and lots of support, love and advice from all my friends, I’m ready to get back at this.

A couple weeks ago, I signed up for a class on WordPress at the Boston Center for Adult Education. That probably sounds really dorky, and it kind of is. But, since I’m known to my close friends as a bit of a ‘mathlete’, it seemed appropriate to get a little formal education on the program – um, and the class was half off…no brainer. All kidding aside, I do feel as though I’m finally getting the hang of navigating and designing this site and it’s starting to come together and have the look in envisioned. And I quite frankly, I’m loving it!

As I’m sure you know, the month of February is notorious for hearts, love and Valentine’s. That is all fine and great if you’re in a relationship or have a special someone to share the Hallmark holiday with. If not, it’s nauseating, a wee bit painful and usually generates lots of eye rolls (oh, that’s just me? Oh, ok.) Buuuuuuut, I’m not going to be a  bitter asshole about it. Because no one likes a bitter asshole. Instead, I’m going to practice some self-love this month. I’m going to give my own heart the love, attention and TLC it needs and deserves. Just a head’s up: that might include more reality television in bed…but we shall see ❤

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