Weekend Wrap-Up: Super Bowl 50

Good Monday morning! I’m stranded down here at my dad’s house due to a poorly forecasted snowstorm and currently writing this Super Bowl re-cap post in front of the fireplace with a pug at my feet, keeping my toes warm. Jealous? You should be. Lets get right into it then, shall we? ūüôā


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So, how about those Broncos?! Er, I think I can speak for all¬†of us here in New England when I say that none of us Pats fans tuned in last night to cheer on¬†Peyton Manning or Cam Newton. If your team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl (which, here in Patriot Nation, is very out of the ordinary!), you tuned in to Super Bowl 50 to see what crazy ensemble¬†Lady Gaga was gonna wear to sing the national anthem or to check out that ‘hot ref’ that quickly blew up Twitter. Both of which¬†did not disappoint.

However, my family and I got together mainly for food, fun and camaraderie. But¬†we gleefully watched as the ever¬†dapper Tom Brady represented his THREE Super Bowl MVP wins in the pre-game ceremonies. Despite being¬†boo-ed, Tom kept his class-act composure. And I don’t think anyone can argue that he looked handsome as hell. Bravo, Tom. You couldn’t silence¬†the haters with your plays on the field, might as well do so off¬†the field with your impeccable sense of style.


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The majority¬†of the members of our little Super Bowl get-together¬†were pumped for the commercials. And, as a pug-loving family we’re always hoping the breed makes an appearance. Props to Mountain Dew and #puppymonkeybaby for giving us the fix we were looking for. Weird, quirky and slightly creepy? Yes. But adorable nonetheless? Absolutely.


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Personally, I tuned in mainly for the halftime show. Not to see Coldplay or Bruno Mars. Oh no. I¬†sat through the first two quarters of the game patiently awaiting¬†#BeyonceBowl. And she most certainly did not disappoint! During her performance, my stepbrother’s girlfriend asked if she ever wears pants. I kindly replied, “If you had legs like that, would you ever wear pants?” Yea, I didn’t think so.

Aside from her legs, her voice and choreography and overall performance were on point. She even made a near-fall appear¬†seamless…without missing a goddamn beat. Oh Queen Bey, you are my idol.


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And I can’t forget to address The Formation¬†world tour announcement. It was like Christmas had come early. Or late. Depending on how you look at it, I suppose. Either way, I’m gonna need to request Friday, June 3rd off. Pleaseandthankyou.

As fired up as I was after Mrs. Jay-Z’s performance, I became even more fiery¬†after seeing Bud Light’s new ad campaign, “Raise One to Right Now”.


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Raise One to Right Now?! Right Now?¬†Right Now!¬†Bud Light, this is MY line, MY idea, MY brand I was hoping to build! It’s¬†the whole premise of this blog – my journey through life as I come¬†to terms with the fact that¬†right now is right on time. It’s on my homepage. A home page¬†I customized myself. I¬†carefully and thoughtfully placed these words in the ‘tagline’ section so it would appear under the ‘site title’ and as I did so, I was so proud that I was finally learning how to navigate WordPress.

Hurt feelings and all, I quickly fired off a couple several¬†texts to the two souls that know this site exists explaining how¬†I couldn’t believe¬†Bud Light stole my line and how everyone was going to think I copied their slogan for the premise of my¬†blog AND how I can’t believe this is happening. Like I had hoped, they quickly talked me down. “You’re so much better than Bud Light”, one said. “Not the same don’t worry”, said the other. Either way…Bud Light, it’s on. I hardly think you and your million dollar company have to be worried about my little ‘ol blog site offering any competition. And¬†so I’m sure that both of our ‘campaigns’ can peacefully coexist. But I’m watching you.

For the remainder of the afternoon, you can find me snowed-in raising one to right now. And quickly attempting to figure out how to trademark my ideas. Cheers to that.

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