Weekend Wrap-Up: It Was A Cold One!

Hi guys! Have you all thawed out from that arctic cold yet? It was brutal! I worked the entire weekend, and I did so with the most amazing group of nurses. We laughed, we cried, we indulged in Valentine’s treats, we played the new Adele album on repeat (more to come on that!)…oh, and we provided exceptional nursing care with a smile ūüôā

I had intentions of re-capping the weekend in a bit more detail than that. However, I had a bit of a car debacle¬†yesterday morning which required an emergency visit to the Nissan dealership, that cut into my sleep time, which made me late for a gender reveal party last evening and left absolutely no time to get a post together. Alright, here’s exactly what happened:

After working three night shifts in a row, ¬†a night shift nurse can never get out to their¬†car and pull out of that parking garage fast enough. So after rolling down my window to swipe my badge that let’s me out of the garage, I was hit with the ultimate ‘it’s-Monday-morning-and-I-can’t-wait-to-get-into-my-bed’ buzz killer. My driver’s side window would not roll back up.

This had happened to me last winter as well. On cold mornings, the window¬†would be slow going back up and then as the car warmed up it would eventually crawl closed. This time was different. It wouldn’t even budge. Did I mention it was 4 degrees out yesterday morning?

I evaluated my options and decided to drive straight to the Nissan dealership (all 15 miles & 21 minutes of it) with the window down.


After arriving, the Nissan employees¬†were less impressed with my “emergency” than I was and after walking into the PACKED waiting room, I knew I was going to be there much longer then I had planned. You see, this is one (of the many!) problems of being a nurse and working an odd schedule – you forget ordinary¬†things like Monday holidays. Yesterday was President’s Day. Of course, all of the 9-to-5-ers¬†had the day off and used the opportunity to schedule routine maintenance on their vehicle. Ugh.

I took one of the last seats in the waiting room filled with customers who looked just as annoyed as I’m sure I did. I was cold. I was tired. And now I had to sit in a confined space with a television blasting CNN surrounded by a bunch of unhappy, coughing, talking-way-too-loud-for-8am patrons.¬†I attempted to defrost myself but it actually never happened. Yours truly sat in the waiting room¬†with the above pictured get-up on for the entire 3-hours my car was being serviced. Hood included.

All-in-all it wasn’t so bad. I made it out of there with a fully functioning window roller-upper for just¬†$53. I managed to get a much-needed car wash on the way home. And I can say I’ve finally defrosted. Happy Tuesday y’all!

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